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Intermix Workforce is an HR outsourcing freelancing platform that connects HR experts with clients. HR experts can find work in a variety of HR-specific roles, and clients can find HR experts to complete specific tasks. Intermix Workforce is beneficial for both freelancers and clients because it allows freelancers to get work, they may not be able to find elsewhere, and it allows clients to find workers who are qualified for the HR task at hand.

How Intermix Workforce works with intelliHR

How Intermix Workforce works with intelliHR

We deliver an exciting new option for businesses and start-ups to take advantage of: HR outsourcing! They can access established HR expertise precisely when they need it, making a normally expensive support system incredibly accessible. This enhanced ability to cost effectively broaden access to skilled HR personnel could prove extremely beneficial–especially in these uncertain times. Our goal for 2023 and beyond is to ensure businesses no longer need to stretch thin their internal hiring or human resource budgets.

Now, they have the chance to easily plug in an experienced HR framework whenever it’s convenient and as needed. The new HR business model of outsourcing is empowering them to tap into the level of perspective that comes from seasoned professionals without compromising efficiency, affordability, or convenience!

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