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Recruitment management for talent acquisition specialists – JobAdder is designed to simplify and streamline the day-to-day tasks involved with recruitment management. The JobAdder Applicant Tracking System automates manual processes so you can focus on what’s really important – sourcing and interviewing candidates. JobAdder is an entirely cloud-based system, giving the modern talent manager total flexibility to recruit on the go from any mobile device. JobAdder’s multi-posting functionality allows you to post job ads to over 200 job boards, SEEK and LinkedIn, while global Customer Support is on hand 24/6.

One platform that does it all – JobAdder enables everything to happen centrally: from writing and posting job ads to multiple job boards, to managing applications, screening, scheduling interviews, sharing shortlisted candidates, doing reference checks, communicating with candidates, hiring managers and more.

How JobAdder works with intelliHR

How JobAdder works with intelliHR

  • Through the integration, new staff are pulled through directly from JobAdder into the intelliHR platform, eliminating double-ups and duplication of information.
  • Any JobAdder information and documentation associated with those new staff is automatically transferred to the intelliHR platform, migrating directly to the new starter’s profile.
  • An integrated HR and recruitment function, the integration provides a single source of truth for customers and organizations seeking to seamlessly hire and onboard new staff.
  • The advantages don’t just end at onboarding! Through the integration, the full employee lifecycle is catered to, from ongoing employee engagement to performance, with touchpoints at every stage of the employee lifecycle.
  • By connecting the platforms, HR and recruitment teams gain back valuable time and effort, moving from administrative and manual tasks to more strategically-led initiatives.


CASE STUDY: Discover how Revo Fitness achieves an 87% fully engaged workforce with intelliHR and JobAdder

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