Celebrate your employees with memorable experiential rewards and peer-to-peer recognition.


Wishlist helps modern HR teams give employees one centralized platform to recognize individual and team contributions that drive key business results. The Wishlist platform integrates with Microsoft Teams, Slack, and numerous HRIS/payroll systems.

Wishlist allows leaders to recognize and reward employees using a top-down recognition strategy while allowing peers to recognize each other using a peer-to-peer approach that aligns with your core values.

The Wishlist platform can be used to reward employees for above & beyond performance, automate work anniversaries & birthdays, or welcome new team members with an onboarding gift. From local experiences to live event tickets, 90+ virtual gift cards, subscription boxes, and custom-branded swag, Wishlist supports global recognition programs with a robust rewards marketplace that gives employees the power of choice.

Available via the web and easy-to-use mobile app, your employees can truly use Perkbox any time, anywhere.

How Wishlist works with intelliHR

How Wishlist works with intelliHR

Wishlist’s peer-to-peer recognition platform integrates with Microsoft Teams and Slack. Peers and managers send or receive nonmonetary shoutouts that connect back to company core values and business goals.

Designated budget holders such as managers and leaders can attach private monetary rewards to public recognition shoutouts. The platform makes it easy to put approval processes in place and automate, track, and report on reward budgets.

Wishlist’s analytics dashboard pulls back the curtain on your eNPS and gives managers proactive, actionable insights on who is and isn’t being recognized to ensure recognition is equitable and fair. The Wishlist platform includes automated financial reports for your payroll team and features integrations to numerous major HRIS/payroll systems.

Technical information

  • Automate anniversary rewards and other milestones
  • Automate birthday gifts
  • Automatically sync your employee roster from IntelliHR to Wishlist
  • No need to manually onboard or offboard employees into Wishlist
  • Automated financial reporting in Wishlist ties back to each employee ID # for easy payroll reporting

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